We tried their headphone VK1, and it blew our minds. Minimalist and elegant design, high sound quality, and noble materials (www.aedle.net).

Aëdle was born in 2013 in Paris. Co-founders Raphaël Lebas de Lacour and Baptiste Sancho had the idea of creating something unique in the world of headphones: a pair of headphones with no compromise between sound quality and design. From there, they surrounded themselves with talented people. Sound engineers, industrial designers, and artists, all of them united by the same vision: combining great audio performance with the best manufacturing quality and the best materials.

They started from scratches, with little means but great passion. It took them two years to gather a team of more than 30 people involved in developing, improving, and optimizing their headphone through more than 25 prototypes. Two years to find the best suppliers along with the best materials.

Combining latest audio technologies with traditional craftsmanship, the VK-1 embeds high-performance titanium-neodymium transducers in a minimalistic designed body entirely made of noble materials. Each of the VK-1 aluminum parts are sculpted one by one in a virgin aluminum ingot. Headband and cushions are handsewn with genuine lambskin leather. Designed in Paris. Assembled in Brittany, France.