Luxury French skateboards with typical California shape: they were made for us (www.heritage-paris.com).

First of all, Heritage-Paris is a group of friends with different backgrounds, sharing the same passion for beautiful things.

Cyril Saulnier and the brothers Billard, Alex and Simon, gathered the best French craftsmen to relaunch this exclusive cycling brand and give back bicycle its fame.

This is why Heritage decided to rely on famous metal specialist and former bicycle racer Daniel Hanart. A genuine silversmith, he’s in charge of creating tailor-made iron or aluminum frames, to make every bike a unique piece.
Listening to the greatest champions’ demands, he gave birth to glorious frames, used for the hour record of Jeannie Longo in 1985, the 100km record in 1995, or the victory of the French track championship in 1998, to name a few.

Counting on its experience and its subcontractors network, Heritage started to build luxury skateboards in 2012 with the same criteria of quality and excellence. As always, the brand is committed into highlighting the French craftsmanship through each and every actor of the creation of its products.

The skateboards we’re selling are beautiful, strong and drive well. They are hand-made with high quality hardwood, and the best trucks and wheels in the market.