Margaux Lonnberg

This apparel is made for free souls, that’s who we are (

The Margaux Lönnberg collection emerged from salt deserts to run the world. The woman of a thousand faces, a thousand bodies, a thousand thoughts. And for its thousand muses, a unique collection.

They may roam the roads, pocketknife in hand, or bang their heels on the dirty tarmac, these girls are from everywhere and all clays.

And no matter the small of her back, the roundness of her waist, the dance of her breasts. On the roads, tracks or rooftops, she puts a mantle on her shoulders, her sweater like an armor. Her jacket is like a second skin. In the cold, it cuddles. In exaltation, it lightens the heavy tango.

Each piece is a revealed note. The Margaux Lönnberg collection is made for free souls. Liberated spirits above all. Exit codes and clichés.