Pas Chassé

As they say, unique, because style starts from the bottom (

Pas Chassé strives to make socks a full fledge accessory and to show a different style of shoes/socks association.

Pas Chassé is made in France, in Romilly-sur-Seine, close to Troyes, the historical French socks manufacturing place since the 19th century. It was important for the designer to manufacture her products with strong expectations in terms of quality and know-how while benefiting from the reactivity of a small and local production site. Therefore, it was for her an evidence to select a French manufacturer. Pas Chassé is not only about starting a new brand but above all a unique human adventure, enriched with all the new persons she met during this experience.

Pas Chassé standard would be a 5.5" high sock, showing a nice ankle drop while highlighting both look and silhouette.
Product composition has also been revisited to offer a better fit and comfort. Micromodal cotton is widely used across Pas Chassé collection. This vegetal cellulose is thinner, softer and much more resistant than regular cotton.
Until very recently, socks were largely neglected by the Fashion industry. Pas Chassé collection gets its inspiration from ready-to-wear season trends to make sock become a genuine fashion accessory! Last, all our different collections have been designed as limited editions to offer a unique and singular product.