About Us

Garçons de Café is a French term for the gentleman serving a selection of fine French refreshments. 


He is the host of the French Cafe that is meant to be place of dreaming, drinking, relaxing and enjoying the passerbys. 


There is more to Garçons de Café than just taking pleasure at a bar. It is a place where you not only experience the finest and exclusive selection of French wine, but the flair of French luxury at the same time. Garçons de Café is the full-bodied experience of being enveloped in all of the riches of French culture. This unique ambience is the first of its kind in Los Angeles, and is proud to say all products, both in store and online, is French-made with pride and exquisite craftsmanship.


Garçons de Café is a place to get the chicest apparel by renowned French designers, pick up accessories for your lovers and your home, and if your agenda allows: the perfect setting to savor a glass of wine (or few) before, during, and after your shopping pleasures. There is even a French newsstand for your French Literature feasting. It's the unification of French made products in one space, all supporting independent artists.


As per the bistro, we offer a gourmet selection of wine, tea, coffee, pastries, charcuterie, cheese, and select brunch options are now available as well. Parisian-style.